Chief Executive Officer :

Fabienne SERVAN SCHREIBER Founded Cinétévé in 1982
Corinne MICHEL Personal Assistant

Catherine CAHEN Co-chairman, Head of legal, commercial and business affairs
Aude LAUFÉRON Administrative assistant
Johana LELORREC Business coordinator
Manka SIERAKOWSKI Business coordinator

Factual and documentary :

Gaëlle COTTAIS Production coordinator
Jeanne LEBRANCHU-MELLIN Production coordinator
Estelle MAURIAC Executive producer
Laurence MILLER Executive producer
Lucie PASTOR Executive producer
Florent PERIDONT Production coordinator
Fatma TARHOUNI Production manager

Drama :

Delphine CLAUDEL Executive producer
Sandrine MANCIET Production manager
Louise NADAL Development coordinator
Thomas SAIGNES Producer Head of International

New media :

David BIGIAOUI Executive producer
Manon PARET Production assistant

Distribution :

Matthias WEBER

Accounting :

Bénédicte BEAUJON Chief accountant
Nathalie MOTYL Accountant

Press and P.R :

Michaël MORLON

Reception :

Sigried RENAUDIN Switchboard operator