Right in the heart of the Golden Triangle, Phra Khru Ba Neua Chai, better known under the name of Tiger Monk, is to become one of the most famous and discussed bonzes of Thailand. For sole weapons his charisma, his faith, and an unequivocal control of the martial arts, he struggles against the drug misdeeds, which destroy the region, with the help of a battalion of abandoned children, which he took in, in the Golden Horse Temple.

  • Languages

    VF, VA
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    Beta Num
  • Author

    Mark Verkerk
  • Technical team

    Editing : Jos DRIESSEN, Helen DELACHAUX, Mark VERKERK
    Music : Somtow SUCHARITKUL, Bernard JOOSTEN, Ward HENSELMANS
  • Cast

    With the participation of:
    Kru Bah Neua Chai Kositto
    Khun Mae Ea
    The beginners of the Golden Horse Monestary
  • Distributor

    EMS Distribution