Young, beautiful, rich and famous, Mike Brant has committed suicide on april the 25th 1975, aged 28. But do we know that “Moshé Brand” was the son a survivor from holocaust?

Behind the myth of israeli play-boy of numerous femenine conquestes, is hidding the dazzling destitny of an exile tormented by his origins. Behind the dream of the idolized singer in after-68-France, gets off the ground the tragedy of an exceptional talent trapped by the success. Between Israel, France Switzerland, thanks to direct witnesses and to documents often unpublished, Erez Laufer directs a deeply moving and passionating inquest in the wake of a shooting star .

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  • Author

    Erez LAUFER
  • Technical team

    Editing : Ronen Savo
    Camera : Erez Laufer
  • Festival

    Festival de Jérusalem 2002 - Prix de la mise en scène.
    Oscar Israélien du Meilleur Documentaire 2003
    Best Documentary Film Award au 7ème Festival de cinema judaico de Sao Paulo
    Sélection officielle hors compétition Quinzaine des réalisateurs au Festival de Cannes 2003