The bittersweet daily existence of a little boy confronted by war and loneliness and misguidedly hero-worshipping his father. When his father is released from a POW camp in Germany, 7 year old Benji moves to Paris with his family. The death of his mother, with whom he was particulary close, leaves Benji alone and disoriented with an uncommunicative, authoritarian father in a city where life is a daily struggle. Benji worships and fears his father. Deprived of all affection, the little boy watches life whirl by in a absurd, uncontrollable maelstrom. Dora, the glitzy blonde, struts around the apartment all day in her underwear ; Tessa, Benji’s Jewish friend, mysteriously disappears ; his father sneers and declares his fervent support for the German invader. Benji jots down his most secret and unspeakable thoughts in little note books that he deliberately leaves lying around. His father, such a fragile hero?

  • Support location

    Super 16 mm
  • Author

    Adaptation Sébastien GRALL
  • Distributor

    AB International
  • Technical team

    Costumes: Charlotte DAVID Editing: Pascale FENOUILLET Mixing: Eric BONNARD
  • Cast

    Thibault DE MONTALEMBERT, Elise TIELROOY, Enzo BOSSETTI, Sébastien ROBERT, Julien DESCHAMPS, Lara GUIRAO, Juliette DUVAL Original Score : Tomas GUBITSCH Editions Cinétévé