The film begins with a short silent scene in which a Russian choreographer teaches her pupils. They methodically go over the classical ballet figures without enthusiasm. Bit by bit, the pupils exit the studio leaving the teacher alone, who gives free rein to her imagination, abounding with sensuality and strong emotions: old tangos, duets and ensembles, sparkling and fancy dresses. At the break of day, the choreographer finds herself changed into a character of tango, strolling along Buenos Aires old harbour’s wharfs. She meets a dancer of the group, who’s also tired after a wild night. Before they separate, they dance one last tango together for pleasure.

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  • Technical team

    Image : Javier Miquelez Editing : Alejandra Almiron
  • Cast

    Création chorégraphique : Ana Maria STEKELMAN With the compagny Tangokinesis