Colette is a cleaning lady but meddling with other’s business is her real full time job. Not content of dusting people’s furniture, she takes a broom to their lives as well. Michel Forbach, one of her employers, Colette’s sister Mouche, Mado their mother, Monsieur J�r�me a grupy old codger and Lulu her colleague are among her prot�g�s and they all need a busybody like Colette in their lives.

  • Languages

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    Super 16mm
  • Author

    Lorraine Levy , Sophie DeschampsS
  • Distributor

  • Technical team

    Operator in Chief: Alain LEVENT Sound : Juliette MARCHAND Editing : Pascale ARNAUD Mixing: Alain GARNIER
  • Cast

    Marie-Anne CHAZEL, Georges CORRAFACE, Nathalie COURVAL, H�l�ne VINCENT, Karine BELLY, Ari�le SEMENOFF Musique originale : Fr�d�ric Porte Editions UNE MUSIQUE/ CINETEVE