Meet Kaïna, Anissa, Chirine and Sara, aged 17 to 19. They are still girls, but are already building their future as women. These second generation immigrants are constantly pitted against the contradictions of their dual heritage, split between family loyalty and their desire for independence, between cultural mixes and self-asserted identity. They pack punches for a place in their families, their community and society. They may occasionally be rivals in the ring, but in their lives they are true fighters. Bound by a shared objective, they learn to manage the jealousy, anger and rage inevitably sparked by their station, all thanks to boxing!

  • Languages

    VF, VA
  • Format

  • Support location

    Beta Num
  • Author

    Illana Navaro
  • Technical team

    Camera : Muriel Coulin and Marie Sorribas
    Editing : Anne Bettenfield
  • Cast

    Commentary by Valentine Zaslasky
    Music : Leïla Olivesi