BROADCAST – Season 2 of Étonnants Jardins on ARTE

The documentary series “Étonnants Jardins” (5 x 26 mn) co-created by Charlotte Fauve returns for a second season starting on the 2nd of September on ARTE. Also available on replay – link



Sunday 2 September 2018 at 7.15 pm on ARTE

A film by Pat Marcel –  the Awaji Yumebutai complex is located in the south of Japan, on the small island of Awaji. It was designed by the famous architect Tadao Ando following the 1995 Kobe earthquake. This astonishing architectural garden whose name means “A place in which to dream” in Japanese, celebrates the coexistence of man and nature, while emphasising the fragile balance of the two.



Sunday 9 September at 7.15 pm on ARTE

A film by Stephan Guilhou and Pat Marcel – In 1998, the Quibels, a couple of nursery growers from Normandy, bought a plot of land in the suburbs of Rouen and turned this simple orchard into one of the greatest successes of the New Perennial movement. Following on from the work of Dutchman Pieter Oudolf, this movement draws inspiration from natural landscapes to bring emotion back into the garden.


PARC PAYSAGER DE DUISBURG NORD-Allemagne (North Duisburg landscape park in Germany)

Sunday 16 September at 7.15 pm on ARTE

A film by Pat Marcel – North Duisburg Landscape Park, the benchmark in revitalising brownfield sites. Landscaper Peter Latz has succeeded in transforming this land, once disfigured by huge factories, polluted and damaged soils, into a landscape park. He has invented a new imaginary world, expressed through rusty machinery and tangled up pipes.


LE JARDIN DE CACTUS DE LANZAROTE (The Lanzarote cactus garden)

Sunday 7 October at 7.15 pm on ARTE

A film by Stéphane Carrel – The Lanzarote cactus garden is located on the Canary Islands. This strange black and green garden is hidden amidst a setting of petrified wood and extinct volcano craters. The last work of César Manrique, an artist passionate about ecology and the landscapes of his island, showcases one of the most resistant botanical families and the only one capable of surviving in arid conditions: the cactus.


LES JARDINS SUSPENDUS DE LA HIGH LINE À NEW YORK (New York’s hanging gardens, the High Line)

Sunday 14 October at 7.15 pm on ARTE

A film by Stéphane Carrel – Both wild and urban, the High Line has become one of the icons of New York. Who would have imagined that one day, a path of skyscrapers and wild grasses would be up there in the top parks? This garden in the sky is built on a post-industrial ruin that was once a railway line and has now become the must-do urban promenade.