« Atmosphère, atmosphère, est-ce que j’ai une gueule d’atmosphère !» For the general public, Arletty remains the unforgettable character of « Hôtel du Nord ». Born under the name of Léonie Bathiat in the popular neighbourhood of La Courbevoie , she is spotted at the age of twenty by the designer Paul Poiret. Now called Arletty, she poses for Van Dongen and Matisse, before moving to cinema and theatre successes. In 1935, « Hôtel du Nord » makes her a star. Putting together an exceptional archive choice, Yves Riou and Philippe Pouchain tell the story of her life, as a popular novel on many levels, crossed by Prévert, Gabin, Guitry and many others.

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    DV Cam
  • Author

    Yves Riou et Philippe Pouchain
  • Technical team

    Camera : Didier PORTAL
    Sound : Pierre BERTRAND
    Editing : Timothy MILLER
    Mixing : Anne LOUIS
  • Cast

    With the participation of :
    Jean-Claude BRIALY
    Frédéric MITTERRAND
  • Distributor