• Direction

    Philippe Pouchain
  • Coproduction

    With the participation of France 5, the RTBF, the TSR and of the CNC.
  • Broadcaster

    France 5


Who has never been amazed, one day, at seeing Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers dance? Who would not be euphoric in front of the joy, skill and suppleness of African American tap dancers? But also, who can remain insensible to the virtuosity of Irish dancers who dialogue with their hands playing with spoons and their feet taping the floor in furious jigs? How do not be captivated by jerky steps of flamenco dancers? How do not succumb to ardent gauchos taping the floor with their boots and bolas? Then, let?s tap! To bring back to life all these mythic moments, « Tap dance, step by step » propose 52 minutes of happiness all over the tap dance?s world, with the most beautiful numbers, in solo, duo, in line, the greatest artists, dancers, singers? 52 minutes of an enchanted trip throughout tap dance?s story, with, all along the film, images of all the other dances where feet tap the floor, where movements, gesture, influences make an echo with tap dance. This will be a way to relate pages of the American History, such as the painful period of segregation, the vitality of New York in the thirties, the incredible success-story of musical comedies? stars, the forgotten black artists? And a way to note that, today, there is a real revival of tap dance! Spectaculars run all over the world, tap dance classes are full, amateurs organize competitions? Is tap dance coming back under the limelight?

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    DV Cam
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    Editing : Michel BLUSTEIN
    Mixing : Amélie CANINI
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    Music : With the kind authorization of Parigo - Reserved Rights
  • A film by Yves RIOU & Philippe POUCHAIN