Denise Bombardier, author, journalist and canadian presenter, invites us to a great interview face to face with a reknowned frenchspeaking personality. Actors, singers, artists, scientifics, politic men unveil during an intimy and direct exchange. In the course of the meeting, this is a portrait of a man or a woman that’s taking shape, evoking her childhood, what’s built her, her involvements, her faiths and her life conception…

a time devoted to the authentic and warm speech, privileged by the attentive listening andby the opening of Denise Bombardier.

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    Editing : François Labat Sound : Denis Lepeut
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    With the participation of Juliette Guy Bedos Le Professeur Étienne-Émile Baulieu Carole Laure Jean Daniel Benoîte Groult Claude Allègre Hélène Darroze original sound: Jean-Jacques Lemêtre