In the country of Tatar – where he was from – Noureev means light ray. And as a matter of fact, Noureev illuminated 20th century dance. To celebrate this god of dance, ten years after his death, director Attilio Cossu wanted to capture the importance of the inheritage of Noureev in modern dancing. For this, he met the «Noureev generation», and let them talk of this master that still inspires their work.

Along with Grégoire, a young pupil at the Paris Opera school danse, we will meet choregraphers and dancers – Maurice Béjart, Kadel Belarbi, Clairemarie Osta, Manuel Legris – that have all know Noureev and worket with him, and who will try to resuscitate for us the aura of the dancer…

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    Beta Numérique
  • Author

    Attilio COSSU
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    F.T.D - France Télévision Distribution
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    camera : Cécile Trelluyer, Jean-François Grêlé, Jean-Paul Meurisse sound : Pierre Bertrand, Adrien Nata, Alain Philipon editing : Bernard Bats
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    with the participation of Bertrand Baréna Patrice Bart Maurice Béjart Kader Belarbi Jérémie Bélingard Hugues R. Gall Laurent Hilaire Charles Jude Brigitte Lefèvre Manuel Legris Clairemarie Osta Elisabeth Platel Wilfried Romoli Noëlla Pontois and Grégoire Lansier les Etoiles, les Premiers Danseurs, le Corps de Ballet et les élèves de l’Ecole de Danse de l’Opéra National de Paris