In the frame of the association “A chacun son Everest” directed by the former mountain climber Christine Janin, a few teenagers with cancer’s remission, attempted to reconstruct themself physically and mentally through a sportive event in high mountain.
We will follow three of them during a week spended together. They will comment the fight to overcome their illness and  moreover, we will become privilegied testimonies of their new challenge, for exceed their limits, to re-gain self-confidence and show others what they are able to do.
An unforgettable experience. And a lesson to meditate on, for the other teens.

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    Beta Num
  • Author

    Olivier LEBLEU
  • Technical team

    Camera : Jean-Louis Laforêt
    sound : Florent Ravalec
    editing : Isabelle Martin
  • Cast

    Original music : Mathias Duplessy