• Direction

    Michel Kaptur
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    Elie COHEN
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    With the participation of CNC And the support du CODICE
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Those ten last years, the stock list regulators have reached to limit the big economic crisis’s consequences. And if this one was the most important?

Asiatic crisis, “hedge fund LTCM” bankrupcy, bursting of internet bubble, Eron’s failure and finally the subprimes crisis : 5 crisis with variable intensity and lentgh , bu 5 main crisis in ten years. At each time, the financial system has been in peril, each time a specific explanations has been put foward, each time the 29’s crisis spectre has haunted the commentators, a rescue for fainting protagonists has been organised and the eco,omy had started up again.

Insomuch that we wonder if the mondial economy isn’t incredibly resistant and if, unlike in 1929, our governments and our regulators haven’t find the way to curb this crisis. But with the subprimes crisis, the traditional remedies seem to not work.

Is this crisis, culmination of major disorders, the most serious? Can we control the management art of crisis or are we approaching, crisis after crisis, the all system reappraisal? This documentary explores an important question.

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    Beta Num, DVcam
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    Director's Assistant : Pierre-Antoine Durand
    Editting : Olivier Garouste
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    With the participation of :
    Michel Aglietta, Anton Brender, Jean-Marie Chevalier, Nicole El Karoui, Mathilde Lemoine, christian Noyer, Jean Pisani-Ferry, Marc Simoncini, David Thesmar, Stéphane Treppoz, Nicolas Veron