The director Marion Stalens followed her sister, Juliette Binoche, around for a year, filming her work as an actress and various off-the-beaten track artistic projects. Juliette organised for the first time a dance performance and an exhibition of her paintings representing characters she has portrayed and the directors who have filmed her. The movie takes the viewer to the heart of the creative process. With sensitivity and humour, Juliette and her sister share the memory of the decisive encounters that have marked her career as an actress. At the same time as she reveals herself to us, Juliette experiences self-revelation and moves us deeply.

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    Marion Stalens
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    Camera : Jean-Jacques Mrejen Sound : Marianne Roussy & Thomas Perlmutter Editing : Josiane Zardoya Length : 53' Broadcaster/distributor : Cinecinema Club Format : 16/9 Shooting medium : Digital Beta Language : French
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    Original score : Philip Sheppard