• Direction

    Béatrice Limare
  • Author

    Béatrice Limare
  • Production

  • Coproduction

    With the participation of France 5 and the CNC
  • Broadcaster

    France 5


Once upon a time, there was a strawberry that came from California. Patented in United-States, it crossed the ocean half a century ago to become the red gold in the South of Spain. This strawberry which made and still does the fortune of part of Andalusia, the one we find today natural to have in our markets place and in our supermarkets as soon as february. Those bigs shiny strawberries are taunting our papillas in the middle of winter.

Papillas often disappointed but the distributors does not care about : Strawberry in out seasons, it works.

The director Beatrice Limare gets the two sides talked about it : the fervent defenders who live on it and the less fervent, detractors who denonce the steep prices to pay to produce this strawberry unnaturally.

For the first one whether their are farmers, producers, importers, nurserymen, wholesalers, dispatchers, all of them assume this production’s way as if it was the tomorow farming.

For the others, searchers, doctors, ecologists, human rights defenders, the all of this “industry” because is an industry, is nothing but an addition of desaters: sanitary, human, social and environmental.

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    Camera and sound : Béatrice Limare
    Editing : Jean-François Giré
  • Based upon an idea by Claude-Marie Vadrot