Paul Smail, 27, born in France of Arab parentage, a grandfather killed serving in the French Army, his father a quiet, law-abiding model of “integration”, his lifetime spent in a modest job on the railroad… Paul, full of unexpressed anger, spends his time reading, dreaming, boxing… he deeply loves his “little brother” Daniel, more rebellious than himself, more fragile, too, perhaps who suffers even more from his condition of “outsider”, of “immigrant”… He’s crazy about Myriam, the love of his life, and also about litterature, his passion. For Paul is highly educated, yest can’t find a job worthy of his studies. So he lives in a single room, in a poor quarter, and he delivers pizzas while he’s waiting. But waiting for what ? What can save him from rage and self-hatred, except words, the firs words of his novel, “Life Kills Me”, the book that will him to live.

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  • Author

    Jean-Pierre SINAPI, Daniel TONACHELLA
  • Distributor

    Salles France: Cinétéve Distribution, TV France: STUDIO CANAL
  • Technical team

    Image: Pierre AÏM, Jean Paul MEURISSE Sound: Jean Michel CHAUVET, Corinne ROZENBERG Editor Master: Catherine SCHWARTZ Mixing: François GROULT
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    One Plus One
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    Adaptation of the novel by Paul SMAÏL, Editions Balland
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    Sami BOUAJILA Jalil LESPERT Sylvie TESTUD Simon BAKINDE M'hamed BENGUETTAF Teco CELIO Djemel BAREK Roger IBANEZ Marc ANDREONI Original score : Louis SCLAVIS Editions : Jean-Marie SALHANI Catalogue Indigènes