Brigitte and Eric, married for 8 years, are arriving in the corporation in which they work both

While the fire alarm is ringing-out, a colleague informs Brigitte that someone has defenestrated from his office. It’s Eric, her husband. After the funeral the atmosphere at work becomes oppressive between embarrassed lookings, silences, overtones from the human resources management, who wants to know if Eric has left some written explanations. As far as the trade unions is concerned, they want to see in Eric’s death an occasion to a social conflict.

Disgusted, Brigitte decides to fight, to clarify this tragedy, her tragedy.

  • Support location

    Super 16mm
  • Author

    Laurent Mauvignier & Fabrice Cazeneuve
  • Distributor

    AB Distribution
  • Technical team

    Camera : Yves Cape Editing : Jean-Pierre Bloc Original score : Manuel Peskine
  • Cast

    With Barbara Schulz Jean-Pierre Lorit and Marie Payen