Jean became blind when he was 20, but his disability never stopped him from living a full life. He married Rose-Marie, had two children and became a very successful physical therapist. One day, Marion comes limping into Jean’s office with a badly injured knee. She is a pert 20 year old, bright, funny and appealing, Jean is an attractive older man. Their relations start with friendship, then go on to something more ……. But when Jean recovers his sight, thanks to a newly discovered surgical technique, his return to the world of vision will disprupt his entire life. Will he go on living with he loved for so many years, or will choose passion with the young and beautiful Marion?

  • Support location

    Super 16mm
  • Author

    Béatrice RUBINSTEIN et Jean-Louis LORENZI
  • Distributor

    France Télévision Distribution
  • Technical team

    Sound : Gilles VIVIER-BOUDRIER Image : Jacques Guerin Editing : Claude Ronzeau
  • Cast

    Frédéric VAN DEN DRIESSCHE, Elisa SERVIER, Marie RAVEL Original Score: Bruno COULAIS Editions CINETEVE