• Direction

    Fabrice Cazeneuve
  • Author

    Jean-Luc SEIGLE
  • Category

  • Length



Cathy loves her son Lulu; nothing can break the bond between them. Nothing, that is, except for the social affairs administration, which considers Cathy unfit to raise her child… in view of her occupation : Cathy is a prostitute. The burden is on her to prove them wrong and show that far from being unfit, she is in fact an outstanding mother. But when she thinks she has at last secured the custody of her boy, fate decides to separate mother from child after all. Fate in her case is called cancer. All she has left is three months to live. Three months to prepare her son for the forthcoming loss; three months to find a subtitute mother for him; three months, no more, to get her own back from the raw deal that life has handed her.

  • Support location

    Super 16 mm
  • Distributor

    M6 DA
  • Technical team

    Image : Pierre Novion et Pierre-Laurent Chenieux
    Editing : Jean-Pierre Bloc
    Sound : Fabien Wachsmann
  • Cast

    Béatrice DALLE, Mathias LABELLE, Christiane COHENDY, Julien ROCHEFORT

    Original Score : Michel PORTAL
    Editions CINETEVE
  • Festival

    Festival International de Bar (Mont�n�gro) Yougoslavie 2000 :
    - Prix de la Meilleure Fiction
    - Prix de la Meilleure Interpr�tation F�minine