• Direction

    Mehdi Charef
  • Author

    Un film de Mehdi CHAREF
  • Coproduction

    With the participation of Canal Horizons, FAS and PROCIREP
  • Category

  • Length



Jean, Pierre, Ariel, Abou and Monique, aka Momo, are five kids who all have serious problems at home that they refuse to talk about. Failure at scool has led them to a “remedial class”, which is in fact no more than an excuse to get them out of the way of the other students. Mr.Raffin, their aging teacher, is soon overrun by these tearaways. when he dies, his troublesome class entrusted to Alexina, a young psychologist, whose mission is to help them rebuild their lives by getting them to talk about the secrets gnauwing away inside. She takes them on a trip to a housse by the sea…

  • Support location

    Super 16 mm
  • Distributor

    AB Distribution
  • Technical team

    Sound : Gilles Vivier
    Editing : Kénout Peltier
    Image : Alain Levent
  • Cast

    Cécile BOIS, Philippe CLAY, Stéphane CAILLARD

    Original Score : Mano SOLO
  • Festival

    7 d'or 1999 - Best original score