Troy, May 1873 – Heinrich Schliemann and his beautiful young wife Sophie have just discovered the first objects of the golden treasure of Priam, king of Troy. Schliemann invites a handsome young French journalist to authentify their discoveries, and perhaps also to test Sophie’s love for him. More than one hundred years after his death, Schliemann, the precursor of modern archeology, has become himself a legend.

  • Languages

  • Support location

    Super 16mm
  • Author

    Jean-François GOYET et Bruno GANTILLON
  • Distributor

    AB Distribution
  • Technical team

    Image : Houshang Baharlou et Jean-Paul Meurisse Editing : Sophie Catherine Cornu Sound : Harrik Maury et Didier Lesage
  • Cast

    Hans-Peter HALLWACHS, Julie BERES, Frédéric ANDRAU Original score: Bernard GRIMALDI