• Direction

    Moufida Tlatli
  • Author

    Moufida TLATLI, Hélène GONZALES SLOD
  • Broadcaster

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Aged 47, Nadia is a happy contented woman. A french professor at Tunis University , she is well-liked by her students, married to a man who has kept his good looks and mother of a ravishing 18 year-old.Yet, beneath her smiling, sunny exterior, Nadia conceals a deep sense of unhappiness. With her daughter, Sarra, her relationship is strained and with her husband it is even worse. How can she accept growing old in a body that no longer provokes desire when her daughter is the incarnation of beauty and triumphant sensuality ? How can she handle the sudden realization that it is possible to have lost what makes a “real” woman?

  • Support location

    Super 16mm
  • Distributor

    AB International
  • Technical team

    Image : Alain LEVENT
    Sound : Faouzi THABET, Jean-Marc LENTRETIEN & Thierry DELOR
    Editing : Arianne BOEGLIN
  • Cast

    With Hiam ABBAS, Dorra ZARROUK
    Hichem ROSTOM

    Original score : Nicolas JORELLE
    Editions CINETEVE