On September 4th, 1997, three young Palestinians from the same Israeli-occupied West Bank village blew themselves up in a crowded pedestrian street in Jerusalem, spreading death and destruction around them. Among the twenty victims were three Israeli high school girls. This film is the story of these six adolescents seen from the angle of ?crossed destinies? – the young people of Israel and Palestine whose spilled blood mingled that day on the sidewalk of horror. Forgetting the on-going conflict, the boys? and girls? parents meet with each other to voice their suffering. From the depths of their pain, from the deepest personal sorrow, their voices and faces of merging on the screen, comes an irresistible will to make peace.

  • Languages

    Couleur, VF Sous titrée, V Ang. sous titrée
  • Support location

    35 mm
  • Author

    Simone BITTON
  • Distributor

    DOC & CO
  • Technical team

    Editing : Mireille Abramovici Sound : Roni Berger Camera : David Benchetrit