In June 1940, civilans and soldiers flee as the German army sweeps through France. A column of German armoured vehicles is soon heading for one of the last strategic bridges still intact. On the south bank of the river, a handful of soldiers prepare to make a desperate stand. It is a largely pointless act of heroism, but resistance or death are the only options open to them. Against this backdrop of fear and death, exodus and debacle, Henri Dragance, a writer serving in the army, meets Sylvie, a passionate admirer of his books. It is love at first sight.

  • Support location

    Super 16mm
  • Author

    Philippe Venault & Jacques Forgeas
  • Distributor

  • Technical team

    Editing : Frédéric MASSIOT
  • DVD Distributor

    Koba Films vidéo
  • Cast

    Patrick CATALIFO, Elsa LUNGHINI Laurent POITRENAUX, Marc BERMAN Michel BOMPOIL, Etienne CHICOT Jean-Louis FOULQUIER , Marc BETTON Thibault de MONTALEMBERT Guest star: Guy MARCHAND Original Score: Charles COURT Editions Cinétévé