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    Patrice Du Tertre
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    Patrice du Tertre et Vanessa Escalante
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The professor Alain Deloche, chief of the cardiovascular’s department in the european hospital of Georges Pompidou (Paris), cardiac surgeon internationaly well-known, has transgressed the interdictions, he has clandestinely crossed the frontiers to save lifes in extremes conditions. He faces the most violents conflicts of the last 40 years, from Erythria to Cambogia and Vietnam, going over to Mozambic, Myanmar and nowadays in Afganistan.

Cofounder with his friend Bernard Kouchner of ” Médecines sans Frontières” and “Médecine du Monde”, he creates in 1988 the “Chaine de l’espoir” which operates and treats children from all over the world and which helps countries devastated by wars to reconstruct theirs health systems in opening some hospitals for children in Kaboul, Phnom Penh, Ho Chi Minh City, Dakar and Maputo.

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