• Direction

    Marc Huraux
  • Author

    Un film écrit par Sylvie Martin-Lahmani et Marc Huraux
  • Coproduction

    in association with
    L’institut International de la Marionnette
    Le Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication

    with the participation of
    Centre National de la Cinématographie

    and the support of
    La PROCIREP - Société des Producteurs L’ANGOA-AGICOA
  • Broadcaster



Six puppeteers and their doubles arround the world. This movie shooted in France, in Japan, in Germany, in United Kingdom and in Georgia, is a journey through poetic world of six creators of the most important of puppet thearter of today. “Roulette opera” or that you can wear on your back, as we nammed it in the past, the microcosm visited here is far from  Guignol or others cliché we know as puppets.

Nobody knows in advance where a puppet wants to go. What brings them together, those characters looking for their double, is definitely this curiosity to know where the creatures will conduct them.

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  • Support location

    Beta Numérique
  • Technical team

    Camera : Edward TRISTAN BURGESS
    Sound: Julien CLOQUET
    Editing: Gabriel HUMEAU
  • Cast

    Speakers : Nicole MOSSOUX, Hoichi OKAMOTO, Rezo GABRIADZE, Liz & Gavin GLOVER, Frank SOEHNIE, Ika SCHÖNBEIN
  • Festival

    Sélectionné en compétition, dans la catégorie Performance Programs,
    au Festival international de télévision de BANFF