The painful problem of Homosexuality. Thirty years ago, this was the title of a program presented by the celebrated French radio personality, Ménie Grégoire. What has happened since the 1970s that has transformed French society and seen the emergence of the militant gay movement? For the gay and lesbian community, thirty years of combat, of hopes and hopelessness, thirty years of celebration, of pain and mourning, of victories and emancipation. Thirty years of a pink and black revolution, presented by Yves Jeuland in a documentary film with an approach that is both historic and ethnographic.

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    Beta Numérique
  • Author

    Yves JEULAND
  • Technical team

    Image: Yves Jeuland, Jérôme Mignard
    Sound: Denis Lepeut
    Editing: Dominique Barbier
  • Cast

    Voice commentaries : Yves Jeuland
    Original music : Eric Slabiak
    Editions CINETEVE
  • Festival

    Festival Gay et lesbien de Montpellier 2002
    Questions de genre - Lille 2002
    Festival du film Gay et Lesbien de Bruxelles - 2003
    Montréal's Queer Film Festival Image + nation 2003