Everything begins with a postcard delivered to the wrong address? A typical, almost classical image of a young African woman pounding millet with a baby strapped to her back? From this point, just one step is all it takes to return the card to its rightful owner and imagine a journey to Burkina Faso? And so the director?traveller finds himself in the country, comparing the peerless vision of a Burkinabé now living in France with the reality of his impressions during the course of his journey. A travel-log in two voices that, between misadventures and discoveries, paints the contemporary portrait of the land of so-called honest men, a land rich in an ancestral culture but also in countless contradictions.

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    Didier Fassio
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    Cutting : Litsa FASSIO
    Voice -over : Didier FASSIO
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    Doc & Co