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    Jean-Michel Meurice
  • Author

    Jean-Michel Meurice
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We still know very little about the first modern artist Michelangelo Merisi from the Lombardian village Caravaggio. It was only at the beginning of the 20th century that serious research began with the result that about 50 works have been really identified as his own. Jean-Michel Meurice, a painter himself, will trace Caravaggio ́s short lived career in situ, film about 30 works in museums, monasteries and churches in Rome, Paris, Malta and on Sicily and use high resolution ektachromes for others to make us understand that Caravaggio ́s output was all about drama. A couple of people in the foreground, virtually no background, just the corner of a window, a frozen moment, a shadow ...
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    Cinétévé Sales - Gorka GALLIER et Erik TOLLU
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    Image : Valentin Caron Sound : Thierry Godard Editing, color grading and graphics : Pascal Torbey Mixing : Cristinel Sirli Documentalist : Olivier Paoli
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    Original music: Gérard Cohen-Tannugi
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    Poorhouse International
  • Commentary said by : Philippe Faure and Anna Flori-Lamour With the exceptional participation of Gérard Depardieu Photo : Judith and Holofernes by Caravaggio