• Author

    Jean - Noël Jeanneneney et Olivier Duhamel
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Forbidden to public in 1939, death penelity was abolished only in 1981. For more than two centuries, two perceptions, two philosophies clashed on morality and legitimacy : ” Kill a murderer” or “Not add a crime to a crime”. This victory, abolitionists are indebted to Robert Badinter, keeper of the seals at this period. He tells us in this movie, full of archives,  the slow and bitter march towards to the abolition of death penality.

His testimony is completed by others, like Valerie Giscar d’Estaing who solemnly talks about the difficulty of taken a decision of presidential pardon.

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    Editing : Joseph Licidé
    Camera : Daniel Barreau
    Sound : Michel Viollet