• Direction

    Raquel Freire
  • Author

    Valérie Mitteaux, Raquel Freire
  • Broadcaster

    France 3 Corse, Public Sénat


In recession-hit Portugal, Pedro and João – two young idealistic graduates eking out a living – look to political activism for their energy and optimism. Buoyed by the success of a demonstration they organized to protest austerity measures, and which mobilized 500,000 people, they now want to convert this popular energy into real social change. Their objective: to reinvent democracy by creating a “Citizen Academy”, which would turn every citizen into a politician.
From Portugal to France, passing through Spain, Greece, Italy and Belgium, Pedro and João are looking for allies and inspiration to help them fulfill their ambitious project. It is an upbeat adventure, dotted with victories, disappointments and surprises.