Europa : MAASTRICHT (1992)

  • Direction

    Reynold Ismard
  • Author

    Olivier Duhamel et Jean -Noël Jeanneney
  • Production



September the 30th 1992. It’s nine o’clock pm. The “Yes” wins only just 51,05% : Farnce will sign the treaty of Maastricht. this unexpected victory it’s like the debate which has waved France during this referendum campaign. This movie relates us the french infatuation (only 30% of abstention) and to the political class; each has had an opinion on this sovereignty question. Rarely a campaign saprk off so much debates, passions, nice words (Beregovoy quoting Hugo, Seguin chosing Chateaubriand).

Most intervenings came back on thid period, on theirs campaign, whatever they were for, as Mrs Guigou or Mr Giscard d’Estaing, or against as Mrs De Villiers or Mr Chevènement.

  • Support location

    Beta SP
  • Technical team

    Editing : Catherine Dehaut
    Camera : Daniel Barreau
    Sound : Michel Viollet