• Direction

    Laurent Firode
  • Author

    Thierry BOURCY et Catherine RAMBERG
  • Production

  • Category

  • Length



Michel Hornoy is what you call a happy man. The mayor of small town for the last 15 years, his approach in the council chamber is the same as at home with his family : anything for a quiet life. There is just one blot on his happy horizon : the ridiculous new anything law one male-female electoral parity that means he has to rework his slate for the upcoming elections. Micheal has to find 14 women and quick ! 14 potential thorns in the side . A nightmare ! As if that isn’t bad enough, one of those thorns has the nerve to run against him. Even his wife catches the bug, accusing him of engrained chauvinism and making all sorts of demands. What’s the wold coming to! Then his daughter rocks up with a boyfriend covered in tattoos, No no,no…women truly are a bane on men’s life and that’s no lie!

  • Support location

    Super 16 mm
  • Distributor

    AB International
  • Technical team

    Operator in Chief: Bruno ROMIGUIERE
    Sound: Daniel BANASZAK
    Editing: Edith PAQUET
    Mixing: Jean-Fran�ois HOLUIGUE
  • Cast

    Roland MAGDANE
    Valérie MAIRESSE,
    Valérie KAPRISKY
    Eric SAVIN

    Original Score : Peter CHASE
    Editions Cinétévé