• Direction

    Bruno Gantillon
  • Author

    Bernard MARIE
  • Broadcaster

    France 2
  • Category

  • Length



Benoît Leduc from Paris and Lorenzo Roccanera a hick boy from a small town, are cops on the southern coast of France. Were it not for the fact that one is married to the other’s sister they would have precious little in common. This is a recipe of cop stories, highly flzvoured with olive oil and the scent of thr French “Midi”

  • Support location

    Super 16 mm
  • Distributor

    France Télévision Distribution
  • Cast

    With Thierry FORTINEAU, Bruno RICCI, Isabelle LINNARTZ, Sara FRANCHETTI, Cécile PALLAS, Natacha AMAL, Christian VADIM.

    Original Score : Jean-Marie SENIA, Bernard GRIMALDI
  • Creator and writer Bernard MARIE

    Written by:
    Episode 1, 3, 4: Bernard Marié, Jean-Claude Chambon

    Episodes 2 and 6: Marc-Antoine Laurent

    Episode 5: Nathalie David-Weill, Emmanuelle Rey