• Direction

    Philippe Pouchain
  • Author

    Yves RIOU et Philippe POUCHAIN
  • Coproduction

    with the participation of
    France 2
    La RTBF, Télévision Belge
    La TSR, Télévision Suisse Romande
    TV5 Monde
    and of
    Match TV

    with the participation of
    Centre National de la Cinématographie
  • Broadcaster

    France 2


Guy Bedos takes place in a high speed train. The train is rolling and the loudspeaker is speaking. Our Bedos seems to be surprised by his confession, searching for the relation between the sad little kid and the proud dog he became. Born european from Algeria he was a depressive teenage and he did drama by prescription. The rootlessness of “pied-noir” (algerian born french person) stole him the sun of North Africa : his first conflict is climatical. A visit to a theater brings him back to his comedian begining, to his feminine successfull. Casanova of derision, he found in Sophie Daumier his mistress. Doll of innocence subversive, she ‘s emanciped from every taboo, while he’s an anarchist who cross the street on zebra crossing. Their impelling duo wins a triumph. They love each other and they have loved each other. Motionless traveller in the center of his souvenirs, his head spins and his eyes humid. Guy mumbles : “To die, it’s not his style”. He sets off again in solo and discovers by chance his political humour style. With his review of the papers he becomes a master in the social political chronic. He has found many play-partners.

What a pleasure to see again Pierre Desproges, Michel Boujenah, Muriel Robin, Raymond Devos who dares him in a duo/uel at the Molières ceremony. The tandem Riou-Pouchain confirm their free-portrait art, where impertinence is always pertinent. The mention of the clown dell’arte opens and closes the Guy Bedos turn, a rail turn of a melan-comic, honest untill vertigo…

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    Beta numérique
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    Image : Philippe Clatot et Franck Dhelens
    Sound : Pierre Bertrand, Philippe Grangier et Frédéric Klein
    editing: Timothy Miller
  • Cast

    Musique : Roland Romanelli
    Participation : Muriel Robin