On the morning of 5 September 1661 the streets of Paris echo with a thousand sounds: Fouquet, the powerful superintendant of finances has just been arrested by order of Colbert. The young Louis XIV now has complete control. When other artists bow to power and rush to serve the new king, one man opposes resistance and remains faithful to the deposed superintendant; this man is the poet Jean de la Fontaine. Colbert swears to bring the rebel to his knees, as he is the only artist in the kingdom to place his art above the king. Henceforth, the poet will never renounce his beliefs even in misery. Penniless, he resists, pokes fun, and writes fables and scathing pamphlets against the decadent despotic regime.

  • Support location

    Super 35 mm
  • Author

    Jacques Forgeas
  • Technical team

    Editing : Thierry Simonnet
    Original score: Michel Portal
  • Cast

    With Lorànt Deutsch, Philippe Torreton, Sara Forestier, Jocelyn Quivrin, Jean Claude Dreyfus, Daniel Duval, Julien Courbey, Romain Rondeau, Mathieu Bisson, Jeremie Lippmann, Elodie Navarre, Fabienne Babe, Armelle, Jean Pierre Malo
  • Distributor

    Salles France : Rezo Films
  • International sales

    Carrère Group D.A
  • DVD Distributor

  • Festival

    Award for best director at the Festival d'Ischia (Italy) 2007