• Direction

    Patrick Poubel
  • Author

    Toni LEICESTER et Philippe MADRAL
  • Category

  • Length



Pretty single woman, 30, would like to meet partner for life. Must like animals with horns, open spaces and explosive temperaments… Jo�lle runs a small liverstock farm. It’s hard work but Jo�lle lives for it even if her private life suffers as a result . Then again, what private life? Jo�lle drew a line under it ages ago. She has too much on her plate already , too many financial worries and -whisper it- is probably too quick -temperd for her own good . But the main problem is that there are hardly any charming princes left out in the countryside. Of cours, there’s always her ex -boyfriend , who’s now a banker. The problem with him is , they fight like cat and dog . No, the best thing to do is to get in touch with a dating agency . Surely, they ‘ll be able to come up with a decent match . Surely … ?

  • Support location

    Super 16 mm
  • Distributor

    AB International
  • Technical team

    Photo Director: Michel BENJAMIN
    Sound: Alain DUPRAT
    Editing: Dominique JOLIVET
  • Cast

    Antoine DULERY
    Bernard MENEZ
    Isabelle CANDELIER
    Bruno LOCHET
    Jenny CLEVES
    Aurélien RECOING

    Original Score : Arland WRIGLEY
    Editions Cinétévé