Every years, the festival of Parintins brings together some 250,000 people, gathered for the ancestral competition that opposes the Clan of the Blues and the Clan of the Reds. With its grandiose spectacle of singing, dancing and float parades, the festival celebrates Boi-Bumbà, the music that is emblematic to Amazonian identity. Throughout the preparation, rivalries and intrigues fan the excitement of the supporters, sometimes provoking family dramas of epic proportions. But on the great day, the two clans come together in an outpouring of music and dance to celebrate the legends of the mighty river.

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    Béta numérique
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    Simon BROOK / Nicolas REYNARD
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    camera : Philippe Dorelli
    editing : Josie Miljevic
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    Sélectionned at the 10th Festival International of documentary of Sao Paulo 2005