• Author

    Olivier DUHAMEL et Jean-Noël JEANNENEY


The parlementary fight of Simone Viel succeeds in 1974 in the abortion law.The French National Assembly rages : a deputy claims : ” we are forced to notice that this satanic law is suggested by, Madam, a jew woman”. But she persevered, helped by most of french women who want to go further in theirs emancipations. Supported by the commentary of Pierre Arditi, the movie shows us the furious energy of this woman but also hers detractors and register this law in the context of the period thanks to Mrs Veil interventions or even Catherine Deneuve.

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    Beta SP
  • Technical team

    Editing : Joseph LICIDE
    Camera : Daniel BARREAU
    Sound : Michel VIOLLET Laurent ZEILIG
  • Cast

    Narrator :Pierre Arditi