LE DIVORCE (1884-1975)

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    Olivier DUHAMEL, Jean-Noël JEANNENEY
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    With the participation of France 5, of the Centre National de la Cinématographie and of the Procirep.
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    France 5


Question of divorce is in fact the one of individual freedom and of its limits. To get married,to divorce is it purely a privet questioning? To love each other, or not anymore, to argue, to separate, is it ,on contrary, a question of collective interest, that law has to organize, to protect weaks, children, to preserve families, to put in order society?

Eternal questions, actual questions. The divorce’s right has changed during history : legally born with the Revolution, and died with it. Came back with the 3d Republic. This important battle bounced on more than two centuries.

Today, the situation was deeply transformed. Since 1975 we entered in the age of “uncoupled marriage”  and for law it transpires less to manage divorce conditions than its consequenses, and in particular for children.

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