• Direction

    Sébastien Grall
  • Author

    Jean-Marc AUCLAIR - Alain RIONDET
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Jack Maubert, a renowned fighter pilot, is a French air force major with an impeccable service record. Jack is married to Christine, who suffers from depression and who, despite her husband’s efforts, seems unable to get back on her feet. One morning, Christine asks for a divorce. The Mauberts have a 5-year-old daughter, M�lanie, whom Jack looks after virtually alone. It seems fairly certain that he will have custody of the child. Shaken by the toughts of “losing” her child, Christine breaks down. Her possessive mother, Monique, determined to hold on to her daughter and granddaughter, distorts tha acts and feelings of her son-in-law, seeing to it that he is suspected of incest.

  • Available versions

  • Support location

    Super 16 mm
  • Distributor

    France Télévision Distribution
  • Cast

    Catherine WILKENING, Aladin REIBEL, Andr�a FERREOL, Vincent WINTERHALTER,

    Original score : Serge FRANKLIN
    Editions : DAVA Musique - Cin�t�v�