• Direction

    Pierre Dutrievoz
  • Author

    Pierre DUTRIEVOZ
  • Production

  • Coproduction

    INA - Odyssée, VOI Sénart
    with the participation of the CNC
    and the support of Procirep, l'Angoa-Agicoa.
  • Broadcaster



From Katmandu to the top of Mount Everest, the incredible expedition of Pierre and Lucille takes us to the rooftop of the world as well as into the intimate story of a passionate romance.This tale told by two voices is based on photographs and correspondence from archives never before shown. It tells us that the magnificent exploit of conquering Everest can be equaled in intensity by a superb love story.

  • Available versions

    Couleur, VF
  • Support location

    VIDEO, 16 mm
  • Distributor

    DOC & CO
  • Technical team

    Image: Jean-Paul Meurisse, Patrice Aubertel, Yves Anciaux, Bernard Germain,
    Audio: Eric Dutrievoz
    Cutting: Catherine Peix-Eyrolle
  • Cast

    Photographies: Guy Martin-Ravel
    Paintings: Pierre Dutrievoz
    Commentary: Eglal Errera, Cécile Pelaudeix
    Voice: Cécile Pelaudeix, Manuel Gélin

    Original score: Christophe Di Barbora
  • Festival

    Festival International du film d'Autrans 2002