• Direction

    Eric Le Roch
  • Author

    Eric LE ROCH & Pascal LEGITIMUS
  • Production



Take an Indian film (an hour and a half long!!!). A good Indian film. With action, emotion, suspense, and laughter. With Indian actors who act, dance, sing and smother themselves with tomato sauce when feigning a bloody head wound. What we know about these films: Sentiments and colours are intensified! Emotions are demonstrated physically! The bad guy is bad and the good guys are good! The music is up to the minute and the choreography is great! (Fame Academy had better watch out!) Now, watch the image with the sound turned down! And let Pascal LEGITIMUS and Eric LE ROCH re-invent a story, recreate the sounds and the atmosphere, rewrite the lyrics to the songs. They’ll give a new meaning to the film, helped in doing so by many well-known actors, who’ll lend their voices to the Indian actors on screen. This diversion isn’t a danger to your health. You simply risk killing yourself laughing!

  • Available versions

  • Support location

    35 mm
  • Distributor

    Cinétévé Distribution
  • Technical team

    Photo Director: Wilfrid SEMPÉ
    Sound : Gilles VIVIER-BOUDRIER
    Editing : Bertrand BOUTILLIER
  • Cast

    With Pascal Legitimus, Hélène de Fougerolles , Mathilda May
    Jean Marie Bigard , Luis Rego
    Philippe Fretun , Serge Hazanavicius
    Charlotte de Turckheim

    Musique score: Alain Bernard
    Editions Cinétévé and Marie-Galante