• Direction

    Francois Hubert-Rodier
  • Coproduction

    with the participation of Ciné Cinéma and the CNC
  • Broadcaster

    Cinecinema Club


When we evoke the Spanish cinema, a name appears invariably: Pedro Almodovar, symbol of Movida and revival of a pale cinema at the end of the Francoism. But its world fame makes ide the shadow for a whole fishpondof film-makers, comedians, who make the vitality of the current Spanish cinema. It is on the meeting of all those, that François Hubert Rodier left.

In the course of these meetings, according to archives and extracts of movies, a mosaic of impressions, colors, characters and scenes creates a cinema with face multiple and full of surprises.

  • Available versions

    VF, VI
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  • Technical team

    camera : Philippe Clatot, Franck Dhelens, Sandra Formatger
    sonnd : Pierre Bertrand, Florent Ravalec, Nicolas Schlomoff
    Editing: Pascal RYON
  • Cast

    With the participation of :
    Bigas LUNA, Iciar BOLLAIN, Augustin DIAZ YANES, Jesus FRANCO, Roger GUAL, Fernando LEON DE ARANOA, Rossy DE PALMA, Elias QUEREJETA, Santiago SEGURA, Fernando TRUEBA, Brian YUSNA