• Direction

    Philippe Pouchain
  • Author

    Yves Riou et Philippe Pouchain
  • Production

  • Coproduction

    with the participation of
    RTBF, Télévision Belge
    TSR, Télévision Suisse Romande
    TV5 Monde
    Centre National de la Cinématographie

    and with the participation France 3
  • Broadcaster

    France 3


At night, all cats aren?t grey. Especially in Paris. The Parisian Night is a kingdom of contrasts. Several lives superimpose, the night bird, the night clubber, the worker and the wanderer. Revealing social disparities, nightlife is to some a playground, to others a choice or a professional constraint, a social pain and a paroxysm of exclusion to others. Through the different characters? journey, « Paris by Night » thus proposes a two hours trip in the nightlife?s meanders. Exploring all its hidden recesses, discovering its codes, its rules, its hierarchies, its inhabitants, feeling the night?s perfumes, its festive and thrilling atmosphere, its unknown activities, as well as its risks, its dangers and its unclear characters. Also revealing the latest trends, the innovations and breaking down the « Paris by Night » stereotypes in fireworks of laughter and tears.

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  • Format

  • Support location

    Béta Numérique
  • Technical team

    camera : Franck DHELENS
    Sound : Nicolas SCHLOMOFF
    Editing : Timothy MILLER