• Direction

    Xavier Simon
  • Author

    Anne ANDREU, Guillemette ANDREU


PIONEERS OF EGYPTOLOGY draws on the compelling stories of these adventurous pioneers, whose ingenuity and perseverance began the process of unlocking the mysteries of ancient Egypt. PIONEERS OF EGYPTOLOGY features 12 extraordinary people who held onto their dreams under exacting and dangerous circumstances. People like Baron Vivant Denon, who meticulously recorded the Egyptian monuments in words and pictures, and inspired future archeologists to great achievemments; the wonder -child Jean -François Champollion, who in 1822 managed to decipher the hieroglyphic code; the scientist Karl Richard Lepsius, who went to Egypt with an extensive team of historians, architects and even artisans; the determined August Mariette, who discovered the Serapeum of Memphis; the undaunted Howard Carter, who eventually found the tomb of Tutankhamun in a spot which had been declared as ‘hoplessly dug -out’… These enterprising archeologists all came from different backgrounds and use different methods. But they were all motivated by the same ultimate goal: to uncover, and reveal to the world, the miraculous secrets of ancient Egypt. PIONEERS OF EGYPTOLOGY won the Best Special Prize in the Archological Film Festival Icronos in 1998.

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    Beta SP et DV Numérique
  • Distributor

    MARATHON Internatonal
  • Cast

    Conseiller Scientifique : Agnès CABROL

    Original score : Denis BARBIER
    Editions CINÉTÉVÉ
  • Festival

    Festival Icronos à Bordeaux 1998
    Grand Prix spécial du Jury 1ère MIPS de Santander 1998
    Grand Prix Spécial du Public