Rwanda , a legacy of genocide

Young voices

  • Direction

    André Versaille
  • Author

    André Versaille
  • Coproduction

    – LCP Assemblée Nationale – RTBF – Simple Production – 2019 With the participattion of Carpe Diem Icare
  • Broadcaster

    LCP / RTBF


Their names are Julien, Jean, Ange, Serge, François, or Assumpta. Ranging in age from 16 to 25, they belong to the new Rwandan generation, the one that was born into a legacy of genocide. They have grown up with guilt or wounds from crimes that are not their own. Their uncompromising testimonies unveil their fears, questions, and fierce determination to understand. With rare sincerity, this documentary reveals remarkable points of view, those of a country’s youth trying to rise from the ashes of a genocidal past.
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    A film by : André Versaille Chief editor : Marion Chataing Image : Alain Fisch Guy Fernand Sound : Eric Chabot With the voices of : Rachid Benbouchta Simon Descamps Leone François Taïla Onreadt Ilyas Mettioui Constant Vandercam Editing assistants : Hélène Larrieu Samuel Pinon Sound illustrator : Laurent Lesourd Mixing : Pascal SCHAER Sound engineer : David Gérain Color grading : Paul MILLOT Graphic design : Yoan Robin Production director : Fatma Tarhouni Production manager : Gaëlle Cottais Editorial assistant : Flore de Fontainieu Production assistants : Gabriel Abenhaim Yannick Aka Kouassi Imane Lbakhar Gaspard Grandperret
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    Cinétévé Sales - Gorka GALLIER et Erik TOLLU
  • Produced by : Fabienne Servan-Schreiber Estelle Mauriac Kathleen de Béthune Isabelle Christiaens Cinétévé LCP National Assembly RTBF Simple Production - 2019 With the participation of Carpe Diem Icare