• Direction

    Pierre Lane
  • Author

    Pierre LANE
  • Broadcaster



The originality of La Réunion, French department in the Indian Ocean, likes a cultural and ethnic interbreeding, which gives rise to a profusion of Gods and rites from India, from Africa, from China, from Europe. To La Réunion, the “sacred” is composite: culture, religion and the other practices of the shade compose a quite particular way of thinking of the world. By the sacred, each carries and cultivates what established it of generation in generation: the gods, the ancestors, the strengths of the invisible world. Under the shape of a road movie, the director Pierre Lane pulls us in his collection of the signs of the sacred: of the oratory dedicated to St Expédit, to the catholic mass of the patients, by way of the walking on the light rof the muscle men or the trance, without forgetting the hook of the Furnace. It calls us in to witness of its meetings with inhabitants of Réunion of any origins which speak to him about their relation in the sacred. A personal vision of a mysterious island which fascinates him, island of spells and curses and blessings.

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    Camera : Pierre LANE
    Sound : Thierry THOPART
    Editing : Isabelle MARTIN
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    Original score : Gerard DAHAN & Christophe LEBLED