Sabine is 40, and lives alone with her nine year old son Gabriel. She leads the hectic life of an investigative journalist, and regularly has to fly off to some flar -flung corner of the globe in search of an exclusive inerview. When she is away from home, Solange, her faithful secretary, a 46 -year old divorcee, takes care of the house. Solange is prepared to devote herself utterly to Sabine and even takes care of Gabriel on the au pair girl’s evening off. Gabriel is a gifted child, but he needs a mother. And then one day Gabriel encounters Bijou, who is 37. She knows all about being miserable: she has never, in all her life, had anyone to love her. Gabriel suddenly becomes “her” child…

  • Languages

  • Support location

    Super 16 mm/ Beta SP
  • Author

    Chantal RENAUD
  • Cast

    Evelyne BUYLE, Alexandra KAZAN, Didier FLAMAND, Marie-France PISIER, Sady REBOT
  • Distributor

    France Télévision Distribution